I love these little Creek Wild Rainbows. I caught my first one in the Little Pidgeon river in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Every time I create one of these little beauties, mind mind goes back there. This piece is sculpted from Tupelo wood and presented on a Manzanita branch and then attached to a hollowed out Sweet Gum tree slice. This wall presentation is one of my favorites, so much so that I’ve added it to my personal collection.


A #wileytrout does a lot of traveling even before arriving at my studio. For instance, the Tupelo wood began its journey from the swamps of Louisiana, the beautiful Manzanita from Oregon having survived wind,rain,and fire before Pat Reicher rescued it. It then became a thought from the one who created it .
It may be wondering , ” where will I go next “, AND ——-only you can answer that.

Sawdust 09 September 2017


When asked how to get to his house, Yogi Barra replied, ” when you get to the fork in the drive way, take it! Yogi, of course, had the last laugh on this one because either Fork went to his house.
I was reminded of this when I created this stylized Brookie from a Cedar root, because either fork you take could lead to your house.

Sawdust 07 September 2017


No, I didn’t know a Palamino could be a fish either until someone commissioned me to create one. They do make an interesting Trout though, I’ll probably never catch one except in my studio, but, that’s not all bad.

Sawdust: FlyLife Interview w/ Jim Wiley

‘It’s A Wiley, himself. The fish carver, Jim Wiley.

FlyLifeMagazine contacted me for an interview and produced a really nice article, covering a bit of the scenes behind my fish carving art work known as Wiley Trout.  Read the article,  A conversation with and artist –  Jim Wiley  here.  Leave a comment and let know your feelings about the article.  We really appreciated the article and the attention it has drawn.  I have been overwhelmed by the many fine comments we’ve received on our Facebook presence, since it was published.  Thank you FlyLifeMagazine and our kind friends and fans.


Sawdust 31 August 2017

Glimpsing brown trout, natural setting (click for larger image)


[It’s been a while since I’ve attempted to post here, so , here goes.]

This glimpsing Brown is presented on a striking piece of River Driftwood Burl. Image doesn’t begin to do it justice.
Information on this work and others may be viewed here

Sawdust 29 August 2017


Love these little Wild Rainbows, it takes me back to The Little Pigeon river near Gatlinburg, Tennessee where I caught my first ones.Id caught Rainbows before but these were the prettiest ones I’d ever seen. Every time I create one of these Wild ones, my mind goes racing back to that little stream, in fact, I’m kinda thinking about that right now!

Sawdust 29 August 2017

Yellowstone Cutthroat (click for larger image)

Sawdust 29 August 2017

Emerging Brookie (click for larger image)


The creation of stylized works are among my favorites. Driftwood just speaks to me and tells me what it wants to be. This Cedar root wanted to be a rising Trout, so, —– I helped it out. Really , who wants to argue with a Cedar root, I’ve tried but seldom win. In viewing the result, I think it had a pretty good idea.

Sawdust 28 August 2017

Glimpsing Brookies (click for larger image)


This pair of Brookies are in attack mode dashing toward a beautiful Streamer fly created by Selene Dumaine, master fly tier from Maine. The gorgeous Mountain Driftwood was picked out for me by Pat Reicher, owner of Oregon Natural Manzanita Designs.The beauty of a Brook Trout is from the mind of God and he has blessed me with a gift of creating an imitation. This work will be available for purchase in my GALLERY on Facebook Wiley Trout.