Monthly Archives: March 2018


This creation begins on a high desert in the eastern Cascades in Oregon.
The beautiful Manzanita branch survived a Forrest fire that burned 90 thousand acres about 20 years ago, it was gathered by Artist Pat Reicher of Oregon Natural Manzanita Designs and sent to me to enhance one of my creations. The Brown is sculpted from Louisiana Tupelo swamp wood. The beautiful fly is tied by Aileen Lane, owner of Kype Magazine and MKFLIES. It’s been quite a trip even before originating in my mind and expressed in wood. Jim Wiley SOLD.

SAWDUST 2 March 2018

After creating an original work, I’m able to see it a while in my Gallery, then someone buys it and it’s GONE. It seems as though a piece of my life goes with it and, I MISS IT! For this reason I’ve begun to save a few of my favorite creations by having them printed on canvas. I’m now offering LIMIT EDITION prints of these to the public, only 50 of each image will be available. They are beautiful and will make a nice addition to anyone’s collection of my works.
To reserve one, message me, thanks, Jim Wiley