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29 December SAWDUST 2018

About 18 years ago before I began carving,Wanda and I were displaying our antique fishing Collectibles at the Southeastern Wildlife Festible in Charlston S.C. We had done that show for several years and we things got slow I’d walk around and look at other displays. I was always drawn to an artist that carved animals and birds coming out of driftwood. This then was when the seed was planted and I began my stylized Trout creations. These are my favorite works as I NEVER know just how they’ll turn out because the wood always has something to say about it. This emerging Rainbow seemed to be in a good mood and ALMOST let me have what I wanted.


Stylized works are my favorites, I never know what the wood is willing to give me. This gave me a lot ! Sometimes, I work for hours only to run into a rotten area I can’t work around, so — into the can it goes. This one though was kind and turned out to be one of my best. Nice way to wind up 2018. SOLD.


. STYLIZED BROWN, I love working with driftwood, I never know what it’s willing to give me until it’s finished. This one gave me quite a bit! SOLD.