” HELLO 2019 ”
It’s so good to see you , I’m blessed to have made it ! From a business standpoint, 2018 was a very good year, lots of new folks now decorate their homes with a #wileytrout. To date, there’s over 800 works out there from the good old USA, and a few in Australia and Europe. THANK EACH OF YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN MY CREATIONS.
From personal standpoint, I’ve fared pretty well, Wanda has had a though year. On April 29th she had a heart attack and a 3 way bypass several days later. Four months later another surgery removing a large tumor that turned out to be Overian cancer , she’ had two Chemo treatments with one more to go.
We’re hoping and PRAYING she’s gotten all her ailments OVERWITH IN 2017,
We’re so blessed and thankful and look forward to more good years. Jim.

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