My Story…

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Wiley Trout Gallery photo c. James Wiley ©2014

… is simple, I LOVE CREEKS!

I love things that live in them and I love the things that live around them. I’m now in Winter of my life and looking back I see I’ve spent a major portion of my time either around a creek or thinking about it. This then became the foundation for my extreme love of nature, the outdoors, fishing, or just poking around to see what’s up stream. Little did I know that this foundation would later get the creative juices flowing, but it did and much to my surprise.

Here’s how it happened – – – from about 1990 to 2000 Wanda (my wife) and I operated an antique business called “Punkinseed’s” specializing in old fishing and hunting décor and collectables. It was quite successful, so much so that in the later years it was copied by others and it became extremely difficult to find and buy at a price where we could make a profit; then came Ebay and everything went “gunnysack”. About this time we moved from Florida to Tennessee and built a house on 10 acres with a little Bass and Bream pond.

One day I mentioned to Wanda that I’d like to start up our business again but that I’d like to be able to create something . She asked “what would you like to do?” I said “I’d love to paint but it would take too long to learn how.” She said “if you start now, you won’t have that excuse a year from now!” I wondered if she ever got tired of being right! Within a week she’d enrolled me in a painting class and I began creating wildlife art on barnwood. Six months later at the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston, SC I was introduced to carving. About 6 months later at a women’s fly fishing clinic in Townsend, TN I donated one of my first four carvings, a little 6 inch Appalachian Brook Trout, to their Fund Raising Auction. It sold for over $600.00! Wow, maybe I’d better look at this thing a little closer! I did and the rest is history.

$ 645.00
14 inch Brown Trout chasing a little Rainbow.