Sawdust 05 FEB 2016

contactpicThe Sawdust has been blowing around pretty loosey-goosey the studio these past few weeks.  We had an unexpected need to change both hosts of domain and site.  This has involved a considerable amount of behind the scenes negotiation, research and waiting.  The changes affected our site availability, store function-and-access, and my regular email.  All have been partially recreated and will be ready for Prime Time again, soon.

Whew! Glad that is over!!  NOW – we can get back to regular publication about the Wiley Trout carvings and Sawdust commentary by the owner, Jim Wiley.

We will be up and publishing – regularly – in about a week.  A few more detailed  t’s to cross and i’s to dot – then we will be off-to-the-races again.

Thank you to those of you who have emailed and posted on  my Facebook Site and Page, Wiley Trout Home Decor, with questions, support and comments. All very much appreciated.   Keep you eyes and ears to the Facebook links as I will be posting there – daily as always; especially, while we are still in  the throws of final rebuild.

Be talkin’ with y’all soon.

— Wiley Trout

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