Sawdust 05 May

This 13 inch Rainbow Trout is my latest #wileycreation, it and others can be viewed at my store . The fishing is really good there.


2 thoughts on “Sawdust 05 May

  1. Mr. Wiley: Hello, I hope you and your family are Well. We met a few years ago in Cherokee, NC at the Casino trade-show. I am the one you managed the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Fisheries & Wildlife Management Program (2007-2012) and prior to that raised Sockeye Salmon in Alaska for Nineteen years (1988-2007). I absolutely love your fish carvings. Some amazing work. I am curious as to How many carvings you have completed? Also I have number # 0827 and number # 0663, both are Rainbows, and I would like to know the value of each for Insurance purposes? Do you do any commissioned work? I would love to have a spawning pair of Sockeye Salmon created. I do hope that are paths cross again.


    Robert A. Blankenship

    1. Hi Robert, Yes I remember you well. Your two pieces are valued around $ 700.00 each for insurance purposes. I do some commission work. I don’t do fish over 16 inches long . I havnt done Sockeye before. I commission works at $ 50.00 an inch. Its really good to hear from you again, Jim Wiley

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