Sawdust 26 May


This little bit of exotica is a real winner. It’s a stylized trout .. make it whatever species you want it to be. Bring this beauty home to your stream … Order it now . It’s a Wiley, just for YOU.




About  a year ago my neighbor cut down a tree and found it hollow  at the trunk. He cut it into rounds and gave it to me saying, ” I thought you might be able to do something with these “, so, this is one of the things I did. I wish I knew what kind of wood it is .

1 thought on “Sawdust 26 May

  1. Hei Jim .. this is a very unique looking piece of art! I like the ‘negative space’ the holes in the wood give to the sculputure. Really cool. Great grain lines, too. A fine piece I’m sure someone will enjoy for years to come. – AOF

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