Sawdust 30 December

122214_1447_jwt_This stylized Brown Trout was created from a piece of Caney Fork River driftwood  root. It was just laying there weathering away. When I spotted it, I could see a fish trying to get out so, —– I helped it.

You can own this little beauty by heading over to the Wiley Store and purchasing it today. Give a new loving and appreciative home.  It’s calling you .. can’t you hear?

3 thoughts on “Sawdust 30 December

  1. What is the size of 1447? Your work is beautiful, and this brown is similar to one we might find locally.

    As I wrote before, I’m looking for a brown and eventually a similar rainbow (hopefully facing the other way) to go on small shelves on wall beside the hearth in my little log cabin by the river.



    1. Hi Richard, sorry , I missed seeing this until now. Dimensions are, 15 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 10 inches high. It can be shown from either side. I’m working on a 13 inch full dimension now that will be completed in a few days. I think this one will be special. Jim Wiley

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