2 thoughts on “Wiley Trout Store

  1. Hello, Jim! My name is Dick Ballard and I live in Tupelo, Mississippi. I just came upon your website and had to tell you how beautiful your trout are! My best friend of nearly 50 years died last month of a heart attack. It was very sudden. His name was Kirk Caldwell. He and a group of friends have taken an annual fly fishing trip every year for the past 30 years. I recently retired back to my hometown of Tupelo from working overseas with the US military as a teacher for 30 years. Kirk and his wife retired back to Tupelo, too! I have shared your website with Kirk’s friends, too! Kirk was the type of guy who loved everything about fly fishing. I loved to simply watch him fish! He was one with God and nature, when he was on the river. Our last trip was to Estes Park, CO last September. Kirk never really cared if he caught fish. It was everything about fishing that he loved. Being one with the fish was the most important thing to Kirk. I miss him more each day. Thank you for allowing me to walk down memory lane with your artwork! I am going to try and save my money and acquire one of your pieces in the next few years! All the best, Jim!

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